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Including current and former publishers, this comic has appeared in a total of 7 publishing outlets. Currently, this comic appears in the following outlet:
Publication outletStartWDPRNameFormatLanguageDistributor
Kuopion KaupunkilehtiSep 02, 2005Fri­52Loikan vuoksiDaily stripFinnishRCS/TK

This comic has been published in the following 6 outlets:
Publication outletStartEndWDPRNameFormatLanguageDistributor
Valkealan SanomatJan 13, 2005Dec 28, 2006Thu­51Loikan vuoksiDaily stripFinnishRCS/TK
Puolanka-lehtiNov 02, 2005Sep 29, 2010Wed­52Loikan vuoksiDaily stripFinnishRCS/TK
PaikallisuutisetNov 09, 2005Nov 05, 2008Wed­52Loikan vuoksiDaily stripFinnishRCS/TK
PielisjokiseutuNov 07, 2006Oct 04, 2011Mon­52Loikan vuoksiDaily stripFinnishRCS/TK
TempoJan 03, 2007Dec 31, 200812Loikan vuoksiDaily stripFinnishRCS/TK
3M NYTJan 01, 2008Dec 31, 20082Loikan vuoksiDaily stripFinnishRCS/TK

NOTE! The list of publication outlets contains all the outlets to which Royal Syndicate Comics has sold the comic strip. Some of the comics, however, has other distributors in respect of which the list is not necessarily always up-to-date and comprehensive.

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