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The authors of this comic are:

Jyrki Paavola, writer (b. 1944)    
Jyrki Paavola, writer (b. 1944)

Jyrki Paavola is a Tampere-based freelance journalist and artist. Nowadays he's also the proprietor of a pub named Huurupiilo (lit. "the Fog Hideout"). He has been writing comics since 1965, for example Puutaheinää in Hymy magazine, illustrated by Risto Nurisalo and Kutri-Helena in Suosikki, illustrated by Veli-Pekka Alare. 1992 Finnish Comics Society Puupäähattu prize.

Timo Kokkila, illustrator (b. 1961)    
Timo Kokkila, illustrator (b. 1961)

Timo Kokkila is a southern Ostrobothnian Tampere-based cartoonist whose humor cartoons and illustrations have been published in dozens of newspapers since the late 1970s. His best-known works include the superhero parody Phartman (Peräsmies) in Pahkasika magazine, Son of Phartman (Peräsmiehen poika) in Koululainen magazine, and As Oy Kivikenno in several newspapers. He writes the comic strip for Tietoviikko, with Pertti Hämäläinen illustrating. In addition, a number of other comics in professional and specialist journals.

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