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Mixed Forest

Jukka Tilsa and Pauli Kallio’s Mixed Forest began appearing in the Helsingin Sanomat Sunday edition in July 2004. Tilsa, a master of absurdist humor who lives in a country village named Vihasjärvi near Orivesi, handles the illustrations. Script-writing ideas come mostly from Kallio, but the final stories are a cooperative endeavor.

Mixed Forest is a classic animal comic that is equally suited for children and adults. Amidst the varied wooded landscape we find the enterprising Warbler Walsh, the publicity-loving Camilla Crane, the warring Grouse brothers, the freewheeling hipster Sven Mooseby, the songstress Hedgehog Nicky and the single mother Tina Treetop with her little squirrels. The uniting force in the comic is the editor-in-chief of the local newspaper, Otter Stillwater.

Mixed Forest was honored in the Finnish Comics Professionals and Egmont Sarjis 2004 contest, the theme of which was "Draw a comic for children".

    Mixed Forest
Picture © Jukka Tilsa
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