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De­spite its posh name, Roy­al Comics Syn­di­cate is a one-man com­pany and needs the help of read­ers to in­crease aware­ness of its comics.

If you re­al­ly like one of our comics, with the very small­est of ef­forts you can help make it pos­si­ble for the au­thor to cont­in­ue draw­ing.

Read our comics

On this site you can read our comics. Book­mark this site and vis­it us of­ten. New ma­te­rial is con­s­tant­ly be­ing add­ed!

Suggest a strip to a friend

Check out a com­ic and send your friend an e-mail sugges­tion to read it too. You can share the good ex­pe­ri­ence you had with the com­ic and make it bet­ter known at the same time.

Re­c­om­mend a com­ic to publi­ca­tion

If you want to read your fa­vorite com­ic in your lo­cal news­pa­per, let their ed­i­tors know di­rect­ly. You can send your publi­ca­tion re­quest us­ing our read­er feed­back sys­tem af­ter ex­plor­ing some comics (press Re­c­om­mend link).

Read­er feed­back is of para­mount im­por­tance to publi­ca­tions when choos­ing comics. Please re­mem­ber to give pos­i­tive feed­back some­times too, be­cause with­out it even a good com­ic that peo­ple like can end up gett­ing shelved.

Add a link to Face­book

If you re­al­ly like a com­ic char­ac­ter, add a link to the com­ic on your home­page, Face­book wall, etc. so others can find it bet­ter.


Edullinen laskutusohjelma yritykselle Käytämme
Royal Comics Syndicate
Roy­al Comics Syn­di­cate, found­ed in 2005, is a con­sor­ti­um of lead­ing Fin­nish comics au­thors. The Syn­di­cate sells in­ter­na­tio­n­al comics publi­ca­tion rights.
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Local News
Local News
Mixed Forest
Mixed Forest
Urban Leap
Urban Leap
Bill and Esther
Bill and Esther
Additional information on comics
Roy­al Comics Syn­di­cate’s ma­te­rial is su­pe­ri­or in terms of con­tent and tech­ni­cal im­ple­men­ta­tion. The ma­te­rial is ide­al for use any­where in the world, be­cause we are able to con­vert it us­ing al­most any col­or pro­file, even a spe­cif­ic pro­file for a par­tic­u­lar print­ing press. On th­ese pages you can down­load test ma­te­rial to try out in your pub­lish­ing sys­tem.

Test material for newspaper printing in the United States
Test material for newspaper printing nearly everywhere else besides the U.S.
All color profiles in use


Brochure 1/2006, ap­peared Sep 01, 2006 (Fin­nish)

Brochure 2/2005, ap­peared Aug 29, 2006 (Fin­nish)

Brochure 1/2005, ap­peared May 2, 2005 (Fin­nish)
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Royal Comics Syndicate
Muotialantie 68 D 28, 33800 Tampere - Finland

Edullinen laskutusohjelma yritykselle Käytämme